Host Boards

In partnership with Smarter Networking, our Boardroom Ready programme offers a unique opportunity to sit at the top table. Aimed at senior leaders who are driving the strategic vision of your business, it prepares them to become your potential board members of the future by providing them with the necessary breadth of insight and external perspective.

100% of senior executives who join a host board strongly agree that they have more credibility amongst their peers, approach challenges more creatively and have broadened their professional network.

High-potential leaders sit as a guest for 12 months on a non-conflicting board for some exciting AIM-listed organisations. (As a guest observer, these non-paid roles carry no legal status or voting rights.)

“I wanted to gain boardroom experience as a Non Executive board observer to develop my skills outside of the executive role…The board I’ve been matched with offers me not only a great group of people to work with but the chance to offer a fresh eye to the team in an innovative environment.” – MD – Service Industry

The benefits of joining a host board include:

  • bringing outside knowledge back into your organisation
  • how decisions and governance are made at board level
  • how the yearly board cycle operates
  • making real contributions at board level
  • gaining non-conflicting industry knowledge
  • exposure to new levels of strategic thinking
  • seeing things through the lens of the investor community

For a non-salesy, no obligation conversation to find out whether we're the right solution for you and your organisation, give us a call.